Tips and Tricks

Travel tips

Anushree’s tips for traveling

  •  I am a voracious reader, but I hardly ever get the time to read. So I tend to do most of my reading in flights. It’s an amazing way to pass those long hours. If you can’t get sleep on flights like me, grab a book!

             TIP: If you are not a big fan of books, carry a magazine to give you company.

  • Wear comfortable flats! I always see some girls in really high heels stumbling their way through the airport. It seems like a complete waste, as long flights anyway drain you, so you’d rather choose shoes which are comfortable and good for your feet.
  •  My latest obsession is wearing/carrying scarves! I always carry my stars and skull scarf from Mango with me whenever I travel. So chic and so handy!

Akshata’s tips for traveling

  • Carry a cashmere wrap, to keep you warm + it’s very handy + it helps you snuggle in style. This way you will be able to avoid using the smelly blankets provided to you by the flights.
  • Carry a face freshener spritz (preferably rose water or even plain old cold water) as long flights tend to make the skin dehydrated and dull. Just a couple of sprays will instantly help your skin feel more alive.

             TIP: Don’t forget the 100 ml liquid limit. Please carry a travel size bottle.

  •  I ALWAYS carry an eye mask. It helps me crawl into my own space. Also, we have so many chic options available today to choose from. I like to carry my Audrey Hepburn inspired eye mask from Urban Outfitters whenever I’m traveling.

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