Aromatic Kiss

“A woman’s perfume says more about her than her handwriting” Christian Dior

 Some invest in jewelry others invest in property, but I invest in perfumes! Being a complete perfume junkie I share 3 of my favorite fragrances of all time.


Chanel no. 5 by Chanel

A perfume with so much history, what can I say about this classic, which hasn’t been said already? Marilyn Monroe once confessed wearing five drops of no.5 to bed and the rest was history. What I like about this timeless fragrance is that it has a very Parisian feel to it and a sense of contradiction. It has a strong powdery feel owing to the abstract flowers, which evokes femininity and sensuality. Spray a few drops on bare skin and the aroma lingers on the body all day. Highly recommend trying and buying this irresistible scent..

 P.S: Get your hands on the limited edition Chanel no.5 soap for ultimate no.5 experience.



J’adore by Christian Dior 

J’adore is a blend of flowers like Ylang-Ylang Essence, Rosa Damascena essence and Jasmine Sambac absolute, which are swirled together in an abstract and generous bouquet. It was launched in 1999.This fragrance spells glam and sensuality, which ignites your inner goddess. Truly captivating. This fragrance does pinch your pocket a bit, but again a must buy for it’s alluring and long lasting properties.


Organza by Givenchy 

Organza is a perfect mix of floral and musk, which makes it so magical, complex, warm. It is a fragrance that exudes a strong feminine and sultry touch simultaneously. It is said that we relate smell to memories and places; personally this fragrance definitely evokes a sense of nostalgia, which makes special for me. The aroma is provocative yet not overpowering. Recommended only for those prefer strong and statement scents. Not for the weak hearted.


DO’s & DON’Ts:

  •  Use behind the ears, on the wrist, between the elbows and knees and a little near the collarbone for maximum effect. (Or wherever you want to be kissed ;))
  •  Use immediately after you step out of shower, as the pores are open. Moisturize after using a perfume.
  •   Layer your scent i.e. use a body wash, moisturizer, hair mist, powder, etc of the same kind to heighten the aroma and feel totally indulgent.
  • Avoid spraying on clothes (especially directly onto heavy fabrics like brocade, silk, as it leaves a stain), perfumes are meant to be sprayed on skin.
  • It is said, “ Too much of a good thing can be bad” and this holds immense truth while using your perfumes. Spray some on your pulse points and reuse later if necessary. Generally, 4-5 sprays are sufficient.

To understand your perfume better






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