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Nail-ed it

Colorbar magic

Nail paint remover + Cotton = MESS

Imagine dipping your nails in a bottle of sponge and twirling it and being nail paint free. Don’t believe us? Well, Colorbar has put our endless battles with the dreaded nail paint remover and endless cotton balls to a rest.

Here is our review of this magic product:

Colorbar: ultimate nail enamel remover, Rs 295/-


Its really quick, it literally took us 20 seconds to be nail paint free.

Absolutely no mess

It’s tiny enough to fit into your bag.

Its acetone free

You can use it on the go since its so convenient.

Its good enough to become a staple in every beauty-istas bag


Can’t use it for your feet (We hope they soon introduce something for the feet as well, we are THAT addicted). This is literally the only downside we could think of

COLORBAR ultmate nail enamel remover

COLORBAR ultimate nail enamel remover

5 days of summer

Laduree pastel, peppy neon and nearly nude. Our top 5 shades for summer.

5 days of summer

5 days of summer

5 days of summer

5 days of summer

TIP: Dip your hands in ice cold water to instantly dry the nail paint.

5 days of summer

Nail paints from left to right:

Barry M Nail Paint, Mint Green

Colorbar Nail Lacquer, Tangerine Mojito

Nails Inc., Bluebell

Colorbar Nail Lacquer, Bloody Mary

Colorbar Nail Lacquer, Exclusive (20)+ Barry M Nail Effects (White)

By Akshata and Anushree


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